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Your company wastes hundreds of valuable business hours

and a lot of money on interviewing. Most results in

"No Thanks, Not a good fit"

While your company is busy in interviewing unworthy candidates,

Other companies grabs the candidates you deserve

Appear for virtual interview.

Videogets recorded through out the session

Shortlisted video profiles are shared with interview panel for further evaluation

Candidate schedule interview for himself

Candidate profile goes through automated filtration system

Candidate is hired with minimal efforts

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Automated hiring

Benefits of Using HulkHire

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No need to go through the resume. Everyone goes through the virtual interview process


The candidate can book his own slot and appear for a virtual interview at his convenient time. The interview panel's time is not even required for interviews


Candidates give one-way video interviews.

Review videos of only candidates who match your filtration criteria. Evaluate 10X candidates in one hour.

Fully Customizable Portal

Skills for evaluation

Questions for virtual interview

Filtration criteria

Duration of interview

Notification emails to applicants

We have Proof

Ali Ross-Grant

Senior Resourcing Manager,


Jo-Ann Low

Head of Recruitment


When we implemented it, our target was to get our time to hire from 23 days down to 18. We were thrilled to see it exceeded our expectations and dropped to only 11 days!

We’ve developed an impressive candidate experience through this modal that is unique and engaging and easily allows us to filter and select the right candidates that fit the future of Maxis

William Droste

Vice President

Ticket Sales and Packages

With this modal, we’ve been able to keep a solid pipeline of qualified sales talent at our fingertips. You don’t start from square one, which has been a huge advantage to our sales leaders as we look to build an incredible team quickly.